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Hi, I'm Hayley.

Wedding and elopement videographer, living it up in Perth, Western Australia. Wherever you want to celebrate, I'll be there. Any excuse to travel right? 


.Art is something personal which touches everyone differently. So take a look around, and when you like what you see, let's chat all the fun stuff. 

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Hayley!!! we love love love our film! we laughed, we cried…you are so amazing! 

It's been so lovely to share our film today with loved ones and we have also watched it so many times and noticed different things each time. You are amazing the way you link the audio to the  images, like when Brent was talking about secrets and you captured us whispering to each other. You even managed to cut to our friend Tom when his name was mentioned. I know that's just the start. 

I've only seen my dad cry a handful of times, yet he had tears in his eyes watching the film this morning . He was stopping, pausing and rewinding, taking in every little detail. 

Al the groomsmen even said it's the best wedding film that he's ever seen! 

Megan + Chris 

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