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Perth Wedding videographer- will travel Internationally 

Who are my films for? 


the hopeless romantics, the couples who dare to be different, the quirky, the party animals, the free spirited and Everyone else in between

perth wedding videographer

Hi, I'm Hayley.

Travel has always been a big part of who I am. It's what got me into videography in the first place. It was a way for me to document my journey and my experiences. From there I jumped into documenting families through film and finally ventured into weddings. I truely adore that I get to do this for a living.

I strive to create films that are fun and lighthearted, yet intertwined with all the emotional moments that will make you shed a tear or two. 

My aim, is to not simply capture your day but to bring your story to life. It's the unspoken words, the subtle to not so subtle tears, the loving embraces and questionable dance moves. The spoken words from you and your loved ones which then shape the way your story unfolds. Im there for it all, to make sure these moments live on. 

 Art is something personal which touches us all differently. So take a look around, and if my work resonates with you, lets get chatting.

Love notes...


Megan + Chris 


Hayley!!! we love love love our film! we laughed, we cried…you are so amazing! 

It's been so lovely to share our film today with loved ones and we have also watched it so many times and noticed different things each time. You are amazing the way you link the audio to the  images, like when Brent was talking about secrets and you captured us whispering to each other. You even managed to cut to our friend Tom when his name was mentioned. I know that's just the start. 

I've only seen my dad cry a handful of times, yet he had tears in his eyes watching the film this morning . He was stopping, pausing and rewinding, taking in every little detail.  Al the groomsmen even said it's the best wedding film that he's ever seen! 

Claire + Jayden 

"Thank you, thank you for creating such an incredible video! It's just beautiful and captures the day absolutely perfectly - so much laughter and merriment and joy, so many touching moments and all of the things that I want to remember have been perfectly put together into a single video which is amazing. Jayden and I have both watched it several times already and we cannot wait to share it with everyone. We love it so much and are so thankful that we'll always have this to look back on. And again - we truly appreciate the effort that you put into this on the day and with all of the editing after considering it's all been in the midst of your pregnancy (and now delivery) with little Isla! You do such incredible work and we're so happy that we chose you for this." 

Naomi + Shaun 

"Hayley is an incredible story teller. Not only was our wedding video more than we ever imagined, but she made being filmed feel so natural. When our guests saw our wedding film, some of them said, “it didn’t even feel like she was there filming”. That is what I think makes her so amazing, she just fits in to the day, so seamlessly, capturing the authentic moments you never want to forget . Thank you so much Hayley. We are beyond grateful for your work, you are amazing!"

Kim + Rennie

"Oh my god Hayley!!!! I know everyone is bias in loving their own wedding videos but this is BEYOND. I will be shouting your name from the top of the hills to everyone. We watched this about 20 times last night and I was a blubbering mess each time. How you incorporated Maddie in the video I will be eternally grateful. The way the speeches are incorporated..... omg I don't even know how you do it! Extraordinary talent and passion. We also watched ALL the other videos that followed of your work for other couples and are completely blown away. Your attention to detail, calming presence on the day and final products is truly out of this world. "

Victoria _ Jacob 

" I wanted to write a final thank you for everything you are and everything you do. I cannot express how thankful we were to have you capture our wedding day. You are amazing. Not only do you produce such an intrinsically wonderful product, that captures so many unique and lovely aspects of our day, but you are truely a pleasure to be around. The video(s) you have made for us are honestly the memento I will treasure most from our day. I am blown away by the intimacy and emotion you are able to capture within such a short time frame. It is like you have created a little portal to the best day of our lives. In such a real way as well, while still glamourising it all.Additionally you yourself are a dream. You are such a lovely, wonderful presence to have on our day, so friendly and calming, it was so lovely to have you around. I am so glad we chose you, you will now be a little part of our lives forever, whenever we watch our little videos, which I will admit I have watched so many times over already."

perth bride
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