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Perth, Western Australia.

Anyway what can you expect from me? 

I kind of like to sit back and observe as the day unfolds in front on me and I try to stay out of the way as much as possible.95% of what I do is handheld, I don't like to waste too much time on fancy equipment otherwise I would miss all the amazingness happening in front of me. I'm not really one for staged moments, it's much more fun if you just let it happen. 

If you think I would be a good fit, I'd love to speak with you ! 







Hey, I'm Hayley Narvaez (pronounced Nar (with a fancy roll of the tongue)-by-eth).



Fun facts about me! 

+ I'm a travel enthusiast. Currently up to 46 countries, but who is counting!


+ Favourite continent travelled to, is hands down... Africa but yet to go to South America so it's up for debate.

+ Had a lion set up camp only 50 m or so from my campsite, had a hippo brush past our tent and an elephant steal our food - only in Africa

+ I don't particularly like cats ---> hope this isn't a deal breaker!

+ I worked on a Disney Cruise Ship....yup you read correctly.

+ I'm comfiest when barefoot or wearing my Birks. 

+ I'm an English language teacher.  Hopeless at learning languages.  Pride myself on being able to count to 10 in 8 different languages.

+ Taught English in Spain 

+ Married to a Spaniard - no he wasn't my student. 

+ He proposed to me with a camera instead of a ring. He knows me well. 

+ dog mummy to a cute border collie "Indie"