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Hey, I'm Hayley Narvaez (pronounced Nar (with a fancy roll of the tongue)-by-eth).
So a little about me! 
 + I'm married to a Spaniard
+ I'm a travel enthusiast. Always planning my next adventure before the current one is over. 
+ Favourite trip - travelling/camping throughout Africa
+ I prefer a tent to a 5 star hotel
+ I worked on a Disney Cruise Ship....yup you read correctly.
+ Comfiest when barefoot or wearing my Birks. 
+ Rustics my thing.
+ Can't sing but like to sing.
+ I'm an English language teacher, but also hopeless at learning languages myself

+ I love a good translation that makes no sense in English. Did you know that in Spanish: 

    Leche (in English means "milk ") but in Spanish it can mean several different things. My favourite is "Ay la leche" which funny enough doesn't mean "Ay the milk" it means "Ay dam it"


Anyway what can you expect from me? 
I kind of like to sit back and observe as the day unfolds in front on me. 95% of what I do is handheld, I don't like to waste too much time on fancy equipment otherwise I would miss all the amazingness happening in front of me. I'm not really one for staged moments, it's much more fun if you just let it happen. 
If you think I would be a good fit, I'd love to speak with you !