Hey there....

I am Hayley Narvaez, pronounced Nar (with a fancy roll of the tongue)-by-eth). I was born in Sydney, grew up in Perth and spent many school holidays down in Margs.  Most of my 20's were spent abroad, eager to see the world, explore new landscapes and experience other cultures. Talk to me about anything travel and you could have me talking for days. If you put aside creating films, travel is my ultimate passion where I truly feel most at ease. 


After many years abroad,  I temporarily "settled" in San Sebastian, Spain. It was here where I met my husband, discovered my obsession for croquettes, tortilla, Spanish shoes, international tv series and stumbled upon what became a love for documenting life through film.  

Im a pretty chilled, easy going person who values real and authentic connections. I love people watching. There is something so captivating about the way people interact and go about their day when they don't know anyone is watching.  



Who are my films for? 

the hopeless romantics, the couples which push the boundaries, the quirky, the party animals, the free spirited and

The crazy unapologetically beautiful




I believe your wedding film should be all about YOUR story. Beautiful, messy, and unapologetically you. This is what I strive to create in my films.

I am wild about capturing every part your wedding; the laughter and tears, the anticipation, the small interactions that often go unnoticed, and my all time favourite, the questionable dance moves. A Wedding really is my very own people watching paradise.  

My approach is very laid back. You won't see me fussing over awkward poses or anything hectic like that. I prefer to just sit back and watch as things unfold before me. 


It's safe to say that at the end, when your wedding is done and dusted, I will be locked away in my office either ugly crying or laughing in hysterics.  That's just the beauty of weddings and why I love my job so much. I will take the weird and the wonderful and curate it into all kinds of crazy beautiful. 




Love notes...

Claire + Jayden 

"Thank you, thank you for creating such an incredible video! It's just beautiful and captures the day absolutely perfectly - so much laughter and merriment and joy, so many touching moments and all of the things that I want to remember have been perfectly put together into a single video which is amazing. Jayden and I have both watched it several times already and we cannot wait to share it with everyone. We love it so much and are so thankful that we'll always have this to look back on. And again - we truly appreciate the effort that you put into this on the day and with all of the editing after considering it's all been in the midst of your pregnancy (and now delivery) with little Isla! You do such incredible work and we're so happy that we chose you for this." 

Naomi + Shaun 


"Hayley is an incredible story teller. Not only was our wedding video more than we ever imagined, but she made being filmed feel so natural. When our guests saw our wedding film, some of them said, “it didn’t even feel like she was there filming”. That is what I think makes her so amazing, she just fits in to the day, so seamlessly, capturing the authentic moments you never want to forget . Thank you so much Hayley. We are beyond grateful for your work, you are amazing!"

Kim + Rennie

"Oh my god Hayley!!!! I know everyone is bias in loving their own wedding videos but this is BEYOND. I will be shouting your name from the top of the hills to everyone. We watched this about 20 times last night and I was a blubbering mess each time. How you incorporated Maddie in the video I will be eternally grateful. The way the speeches are incorporated..... omg I don't even know how you do it! Extraordinary talent and passion. We also watched ALL the other videos that followed of your work for other couples and are completely blown away. Your attention to detail, calming presence on the day and final products is truly out of this world. "


Sarina + Steve 


" Hayley, you are truly the most talented person and captured our day perfectly! This is your calling and you will truly bring so much happiness to so many lives as you have Steve and mine. We are in tears watching it and we will treasure this video forever. We both love you so much! our deepest thanks! "


Lucy + Adam

Words cannot do justice to the wizardry that Hayley has performed with our wedding video. I usually hate every photo or video taken of me but when I watch our wedding video I am completely transfixed. Hayley could not have done a more perfect job of capturing our day and vibe, a true reflection of what happens when you give a creative person a licence to create magic!