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Hey, I'm Hayley Narvaez (pronounced Nar (with a fancy roll of the tongue)-by-eth). I have my Spaniard husband to thank for the fancy tongue twister of a surname. But forget the surname because you're probably going to get it wrong anyway...I still do. 
A little about me...I've always been an observer, guess that's how I came to like the camera so much. I am a travel enthusiast. Sticking to one place has always been a little difficult for me and I constantly have itchy feet. You're likely to find me planning my next extravaganza before I have even left for the one that's already booked. I've worked on a cruise ship...not as glamorous as it sounds, but it got me started on my 5 year stint abroad. I started documenting my travels and that's when I realised, film is kind of cool and from then on I knew what I wanted to do.
What can you expect from me? 
To be honest you can expect not to see much of me at all. I kind of like to sit back and observe as the day unfolds in front on me. 95% of what I do is handheld, I don't like to waste too much time on fancy equipment otherwise I would miss all the amazingness happening in front of me. I'm not really one for staged moments, it's much more fun if you just let it happen. 
If you think this fits your style, I'd love to speak with you !