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Hi, I'm Hayley. 

First things first, I'm a lover of travel and adventure, with a deep admiration of culture and getting to know the way of the locals (I was/am that person who tries to avoid other Aussies abroad like the plague). I’ve always been interested in photography and videography, but it wasn’t until my twenties when I spent a good 5 years abroad that I truly fell in love with it.  I was lucky enough to spend 2.5 of those 5 years in the Basque Country, a region rich in culture and tradition where photography and videography became a way for me to document the stories of the people and places in a way I couldn’t express with words. It was also in the Basque Country/Spain where I met my husband and formed a love for Spanish shoes, croquettes, paella and international tv series and films. Fast-forward a few years and I am now a mumma to a beautiful, sassy, adventurous little girl who dances and stamps her feet to the beat of her own drum. 

As a wedding videographer/ story teller, I understand that no two stories are the same; the music, your words, the words from friends and family, and the vibe of the day all shape how your story will unfold. One thing I don't like is too much cheese, so don't expect any of that in my films. What you can expect to see shining through my films, is authentic candid goodness, a heck of a lot of dance floor fun and just all round good vibes.

capturing the fun, and authentic moments that make your day so special.


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