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Family Films 

Películas de familia 








So there is one thing that does grate on me a little bit if I'm being honest and it's this: we invest so much money in wedding films and photography and that's great because it is, well, one of the biggest days of your life. But, what I have come to notice is this: many people don't want to invest the same sort of money in a family film and the question I always ask myself is why? why not? Now family is not just one big day in your life, family spans over the entirety of your life. So why not document it? 

When I was a little girl my dad would pull out his cam recorder and document the days in the life of myself and my sisters. When VHS became yesteryear, I took all 20 or more of the VHS's and got them converted to DVD. Why? Because those films are priceless.They don't deserve to be forgotten about somewhere in a dusty drawer because I can't play them anymore. But the thing is, I had them there ready to convert, and now I have them ready to watch. I love to whip out those family films every couple of years to sit down and watch with my parents, to reminisce, to laugh and to joke. There are so many reasons why you SHOULD document your family and start doing it NOW.

+ Are you a mum or dad? great! then you will know that your little ones won't stay little forever. Life is fleeting and those moments with your children will pass you by in the blink of an eye. Wouldn't you love to be able to relieve some of those special moments? like the sound of your child's voice, the way they moved as a tiny tot, or even the quirky little things that they said that just got you into a fit of laughter . The great thing about film is, we can capture many of these moments. 

+ Now mums and dads, remember it's not just moments for you to relive it's moments that you can capture for your children to relive as well. One day you will be old and grey, lets face it, we all will be. Now I'm not sure about you but there are lot's of things that I would have forgotten about my childhood had my dad not captured them on film. I get to look back on the way my parents looked, sounded and how they interacted with me as a youngen. . 



Our senses are an integral part of both the creation of memories and their recollection. Film is a multi sensory art form which has the ability to capture a series of moments that evoke a number of our senses. It gives us the opportunity to relive not just one moment but a series of moments in our lives both through visual and audio means.


No amount of words can ever describe how much of a treasured family keepsake a family film is until you have one of your own.

Family films


I love to encourage parents to get into the film as well. These films are for all of you to enjoy together! But if you prefer just your children that's ok too!!

What's included: 

An initial consultation via phone/email

Your session time (up to 2-3 hours)

A highly edited, short film between 3-5 minutes that captures the essence of your family 

An extra 30 seconds to 1 minute edit should you wish to share on social media platforms like Instagram.


Are you about to have a baby? Firstly, congratulations! 


We can create personalised packages just for you! Would you like maternity footage, newborn footage at the hospital, at your home or even some follow ups a couple of months later? Would you like just one or all of the above? 

Please contact us and let us know your preferences and we will create a package that's right just for you!  

Q. & A.


I will spend roughly two hours with you and your family and I am like a fly on the wall. I like to suggest that you have a few activities planned, nothing over the top, just some activities that you and your family usually like to do together! This could be something as simple as playing games in the back garden together.


We can film in your own home or in a nearby park of your choosing. You may be asking but what if my house isn't picture perfect? Don't worry! We are great at filming in and around any mess or clutter! We understand that children live in the house! and don't kids just love to make mess!!! But guess what?! Here at Hayley Narvaez Films we will favour honest and real over perfect any day !


Don't let that stop you! Remember that this film is not for today, or for tomorrow, this film is for your family to cherish in years to come when everyone has aged and changed.

Hayley Narvaez Films aims to capture your family, as they are, in a non-intrusive and natural way. This film is for you and your family and nobody else has to see it unless you want them to.