Be ready to laugh, cry and fall in love 

Naomi + Shaun | backyard | El Genial
photographeR:  Ingrid kjelling photography 

Claire + Jayden | Perth City Farm | El Incredible
photographer: Matty Dee

MEGAN + CHRIS | Assembly yard| El increible   
photographeR: Tyler Brown PHOTOGRAPHY  

Michelle + Trent | RFYC | El genial
photographer: Alannah Liddell

Tayla + cam  | Nanga Bush Camp | El Incredible
photographer: Wild White Photo Co 

Anna + Brad | Lamonts bishop house | El Genial 
photographeR: Ricky Gestro Photography   

Merle + Ben | Nanga bush camp| El genial 
photographeR: ingrid Kjelling  

Sarina + Steven| Matilda bay  | El Increible  
photographeR: Simone Addison photography  

Valerie + Emmett | Moana Hall | El Genial 
photographeR: Teneil Kable

Ashlyn + Alex | Solitaire Homestead | El Genial 
photographeR: Kelly Hardwood

Rebecca + Dillon  | backyard | El Genial
photographeR:  Krysta guille Photography 

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