EL GUAY (the cool)
5-6 hours of filming
Ceremony and photoshoot (no audio) 
3-4 min of stardom for you 
1 Licensed  song 
EL GENIAL (the great)
8 hours of filming 
Preparations to reception
Incorporates audio into highlights
Separate film of vows and speeches
4-6 minutes of stardom for you
2 licensed songs 
EL INCREIBLE (The incredible)
10 hours of filming 
Preparations to reception
Incorporates audio into highlights
Separate film of ceremony and speeches
6-8 minutes of stardom for you 
1 minute Instagram edit 
2-3 licensed songs 

Packages start at the $3500 mark


Online delivery and a USB

Licensed music fees

A pre wedding catchup 


Do I really need a video?

To put is simply, yes. There is just something so special about film and I could rant for days about the importance of it, but I won't. One thing I hear all the time is...."the day has just gone so fast." And it does. There will be things that you miss and things that you don't even remember happening. With film you can relive the day, the emotions, the laughter, the joy and you can laugh and cry all over again as you listen back to your vows, your best mates jokes or the funny little interactions captured on camera.

Will you travel?

100% yes I will travel. I am based in Perth, Western Australia. There is a small extra fee for every hour of travel. I LOVE LOVE LOVE filming weddings down south, and there is no extra cost for accomodation in the Margaret River Region.

How many videographers will I have?

I'm just one chick behind a camera. I find more than one videographer can be a bit overwhelming! I'm all about being discreet, and putting the overall experience for you and your guests above my own needs for the ultimate perfect shot. For me, there is nothing worse than photographers/videographers who get right in your face or block everyones view. It's just not what I am all about.

What about music?

I choose music from a variety of sources which is all licensed for online use. Commercial songs cost thousands to get licensed, so no I don't use any top hits unless you want to give me another couple of thousand of course.

How do I go about booking?

I will send you some paperwork to look over and ask any questions you may have. When you are ready, it's a 25% non-refundable retainer. The final balance is due 10 days before your big day. Please note, your booking is not secure unless you have signed your name on that dotted line and paid the retainer. If another couple is interested in the same date, I will notify you.

Do I need to provide food for you on the day?

Yes please!